Core Purpose

To enhance societal transformation by undertaking credible research, public policy analysis and effective capacity building and development programmes.


To be a leading consultancy in offering social, economic and political research solutions with the capacity to influence and stimulate development.


To strengthen the links between credible research and organizational, institutional as well as societal development.


Real Challenges, Real Solutions.

Core Values:
  1. Leadership

    We believe that playing second fiddle in our line of service provision is equal to imitation which is a limitation and that is why we position ourselves professionally to be always ahead of the pack.

  2. Integrity
    We cherish and uphold practices that are honest involving our relations with clients, our partners and the government.
  3. Collaboration

    Collaborating with like-minded professionals and entities is one of our pillars in order to achieve our core purpose as a firm.

Core Areas:
  1. Social, economic and political research

  2. Public policy analysis.

  3. Capacity building and development.

  4. Project planning and management

At Savic Consultants, we care about the things that matter in the society.